Types Of Roofing Shingles

Roofing shingles are basically a new roof covering consisting of small individual shingles that have a single edge. These shingles are normally flat, triangular shapes laid out in a series from the top edge of your roof all the way down to the lowest joint. These shingles are usually made of wood and are generally painted with a protective coating.

Roofing shingles

Shingle roofs are not a roofing option used just because of the appearance alone. A lot of factors have to be considered when choosing a new roof, such as its cost, its durability, its aesthetic appeal, and its maintenance costs. When choosing roofing shingles, there are many different types to choose from. For instance, if you want to install roofing shingles that give a clean, modern look, then slate roofs are your best option.


Slate is made of sand and quartz, so it is one of the easiest roofing materials to install and maintain. The main problem with slate roofs is that it can be very slippery. This type of roofing material also has a tendency to fade when exposed to the sun. However, this doesn’t mean that all slate roofs are inferior; on the contrary, the slant of the stone allows the sunlight to shine through to let you see much more of your surroundings than what a flat roof would.


Another new type of roofing material is called cedar shingles. Cedar shingles, which are actually a mix of different cedars, has been used as a roofing material for thousands of years. A cedar roof can be quite durable, but it will need to be shingled with a protective coating and treated with a fire retardant to prevent the risk of fire. As long as the cedar shingles are properly treated, they won’t require regular replacement.


Shingles can be made out of other materials such as clay. Clay roofing material tends to be stronger and more durable than shingle, but also has a tendency to crack easily if exposed to the sun. As with slate, clay shingles need to be treated with a protective coating and treated with a fire retardant to prevent the risk of fire. Clay roofs are a popular option for residential roofs in the US, but they can sometimes be quite expensive to install. as, well. If you want a less expensive roofing material but still have all of the benefits of a cedar roof, then it would be best to choose cedar shingles instead of cedar roofing shingles.


All types of roofing materials have pros and cons and it would be advisable to carefully consider the pros and cons of each one before choosing a particular type of roofing material for your house. For example, slate roofing can look good in a newer home, but can be very costly to replace in older homes. The choice is up to the buyer.

How to Find the Reputable Roofing Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project

Finding a good roofing contractor for your house development and protection undertaking is a important step to being a success together along with your work. To assist you select the proper contractor to your particular needs, right here are some suggestions on this article.

As a rule of thumb, a good roofing contractor complies with the requirements of the market. The organisation will normally offer certified technicians with their personal license. Their staffs also are informed with the enterprise and they’re courteous and expert.

To discover the first-rate offerings withinside the enterprise, the first-rate and maximum dependable supply of referral is thru word-of-mouth suggestions. If you’re looking for an tremendous roofing contractor to your residence, you then definately want to invite your buddies and associates in the event that they have shrunk withinside the beyond and have become happy with the output.

Aside from the circle of near own circle of relatives contributors and buddies, you could additionally visit the nearby hardware shop for a referral. Yes, those hardware shops can offer you with referrals to tremendous roofing contractors. Aside from presenting elements and substances to your roof, the nearby hardware also can offer insights at the first-rate withinside the nearby roofing market. They can offer you a few touch records at the specialists withinside the area.You also can try and touch the affiliation of roofing agencies withinside the town. This is likewise an awesome street to discover the proper specialists to your roofing undertaking.

But earlier than you get too excited, right here are few suggestions to observe earlier than you devote and rent a expert roofing contractor:

Ask for the Address

Ask for the deal with and the commercial enterprise call of your potential contractor. A straightforward contractor will probable offer you a cellphone range as well.

Know their License

The license is a important requirement earlier than you signal the contract. Ensure that the roofing contractor has a license. This will make certain which you have a expert as your associate together along with your undertaking.

Do They Have Experience?

Inquire approximately the revel in of the roofing contractor. You also can ask approximately information at the range years of the organisation operation. This is crucial as it will assist you determine their capacity to adopt a undertaking. Make it a factor to best cope with the organisation who has been in commercial enterprise for as a minimum 3 years.

In summary, you could discover the proper contractor to your roofing undertaking in case you begin correctly. Trust best the dependable folks who are recommending a contractor due to the fact they’re happy clients. Nevertheless, do your homework and make certain to test the possible contractor’s popularity too.