The "unwilling" resolutions were precipitated when the incoming Ontario premier, Kathleen Wynne, said that the province wouldn't force turbines into "unwilling communities". It now appears that these were no more than empty words.

To compile the list, we have had to simplify the range of resolutions approved by municipalities into a common position and this requires a review of the actual wording of the motions. To be included as an 'Unwilling Host', it is necessary for the municipal resolution to indicate two things – no current support for future wind turbine developments and some phrasing that indicates that the statement relates to their community. It is not necessary to use the specific phrase, 'Unwilling Host' in the resolution. Our definition would include not supporting additional wind developments until some condition is met, i.e. health studies or capacity requirements.

This site uses Google Maps as a foundation, so you can use your mouse to pan and zoom and so on. When you move the mouse over a municipality its name will appear above the map along with its status. I also display counters for the totals, unwillings and others. The map itself has no clickable areas.

Off to the right of the map is an alphabetical listing of all the unwillings, with the counties listed first.

In addition to the red unwillings and the yellow concerneds I have also placed a number of olive (they almost blend in) municipalities on the map that have to date expressed no formal objection. They are there mostly as placeholders in case they do something in the future (it was easier to do an entire county at once).

These boundaries are approximate, as the actual boundaries are in some cases pretty jagged. And sometimes there are gaps and overlaps - I'm working to clean these up as time permits. If you see some boundary that is significantly in error, please let me know.

I'd like to thank the good people at Wind Concerns Ontario for gathering and maintaining this information, and especially Warren Howard, who has been very helpful in getting this map to be as accurate as it can be. If you see something we're missing or have noted incorrectly, please let me know. Ontario Wind Resistance also keeps a listing, which I use as a cross-reference.

I'll be working on improving the presentation as well as adding projects as I get the time. If you have requests, either for new/better functions, or something that doesn't work, or adding/correcting the list of unwilling hosts please send me an email and let me know. Thanks for looking. And don't forget my other sites, Wind Farm Realities, Amherst Island Wind Info and Ontario Wind Turbines.

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